Mura Site Directory

When first installed, Mura will have a single default site directory called “default.”

The “default” directory will be duplicated and renamed for each site you create within Mura. If you have multiple sites within your Mura instance, you will see each site's folder added at the same level as /default (each site folder will be named based on the siteID you enter in the site settings when adding that site).

The site files important to Mura CMS development are:

  • /{SiteID}/includes/display_objects: contains default display object code.
  • /{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/custom: is where developers can put custom display object code.
  • /{SiteID}/includes/email: contains the email template(s) used in the email broadcaster.
  • /{SiteID}/includes/resourceBundles: contains the resource bundles for the built-in display objects.
  • /{SiteID}/includes/themes: contains the the site's available themes. See below for more on the themes folder.