Get calendar content items.


Request & Query Parameters

Path parameter Value
context The path to where Mura CMS resides within the webroot (typically, an empty string).
siteid The SiteID of where the entity will be stored.
calendarid The contentid of a Mura CMS content item with the "Type" set to Calendar.
start Optional. The start date to filter by.
end Optional. The end date to filter by.
format Optional. Options are default (the default setting) or fullcalendar. This determines how the response is formatted.
categoryid Optional. Filters results by categoryid.
tag Optional. Filters results by tag.

Example "Default" Response

If multiple entities are found, an items array will be present in the data object.

If only one entity is found, the data object will contain the entity's keys and corresponding values.

Example "FullCalendar" Response

An events array will be returned.


Added in version 6.2