Adding Other Content Types to a Calendar

You can add nearly any kind of content to a calendar too. Follow the steps below to add Link and File content types to a calendar.

  1. Add a Link content type to the calendar and enter a Title such as "Badgers v. Nebraska."
  2. Enter the URL you would like users to be directed to when clicking the event on the calendar, and enter your desired Start Date / Time and Stop Date / Time, along with your desired Display Interval. Then, Publish your event.
  3. You can also add a file as an even to your calendar. For example, maybe you have a .PDF file that contains all of the event information for your users. Simply Add Content, and select File from the Select Content Type dialog window.
  4. Then, enter a Title, and select your desired file to upload, along with the Start Date / Time and Stop Date / Time, and desired Display Interval.
  5. Publish, then preview your calendar.
  6. Click the event on the calendar, and the .PDF will download or appear in the browser.
  7. Or, if your instance of Mura is set up to display the Summary page when presenting File content types, end users should see the Summary and a link to download the file.