Integrate the TerraFirma Theme

In this exercise, we'll be using the open-source "TerraFirma 2" theme. Of course, once the theme is integrated there may be additional work to get styles to match markup conventions, but the basics of integration are very simple.

So, using all of the information that you've picked up so far, attempt to follow these steps 

  1. Create a new site called TerraFirma:
    1. Site ID: training-terrafirma
  2. Deploy the Site Bundle.
  3. To save you some time, a custom Site Bundle has been created specifically for this exercise. Using the Site Bundle essentially saves you from performing the steps outlined above when you initially pull a custom HTML/CSS theme into Mura.
  4. The bundle should be included in the bundles directory.
  5. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try skipping the Site Bundle route, the Terra-Firma theme can be found at the following URL:
  6. When converting themes, you'll often need to remove unnecessary code in order to get them ready to use. In our case, this theme was designed to use WordPress so there is some specific PHP code we'll need to remove.
  7. From the Mura documentation site, copy and paste the needed variables found on the "Template Variables" page (
  8. Do this until all template variables have been replaced or added.
  9. Remove unnecessary code from the template.
  10. Add Mura template variables.
  11. Review results and tweak CSS or markup as needed