Mura CMS v7.1 Docs - Mura Docs v7.1

Content Managers

This section is for anyone wanting to manage content in Mura CMS. You'll learn how to create, edit, and delete content from both the front-end and back-end areas of Mura. You'll also learn how to manage users and permissions, stage content, and so much more.

Theme Developers

The Theme Developer Guide walks you through step-by-step examples so that you can create and integrate your own custom themes, quickly and easily.

Mura Developers

The Mura Developer's Guide details the finer aspects of development in Mura from ORM to Caching to the Mura API, components and more.

Mura UI Markup Conventions

This appendix to the general Mura documentation explains the basic guidelines for creating custom configurators and plugin-generated admin UI, while maintaining styling and providing a consistent user experience.


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Installation & Setup

Learn about installing and setting up Mura for development and production, as well as the advanced settings areas of the Mura admin.