The "modules" Directory - Mura Docs v7.1

The "modules" Directory

Mura "modules" can be used to either enhance your layout via the use of "display objects", and/or even add functionality to your site(s). Mura's display object modules allow you to quickly and easily add visual elements such as Collections, Components, Forms, navigational aids, and so much more.

Lookup Hierarchy

Mura uses the following lookup hierarchy when searching for modules, and aborts the lookup process once the target module has been located:

  • Registered Module Directory
    • {RegisteredModuleDirectory}/
    • A pre-registered module directory path. See Modifying Mura's Modules for more information.
  • Module
    • ../{module}/modules/
    • A nested "modules" directory nested within a known module.
  • Theme
    • ../{ThemeName}/modules/
    • Theme modules are only used when the specified theme is actively assigned to a site. Keep in mind themes may be located under either the global themes directory ({context}/themes/{ThemeName}), or under a site ({context}/sites/{SiteID}/themes/{ThemeName}).
  • Site
    • {context}/sites/{SiteID}/modules/
    • Site modules are shared across all themes within the specific site.
  • Global
    • {context}/modules/
    • Global modules are shared across all sites under a single Mura instance.
  • Core
    • {context}/core/modules/v1/core_assets/modules/
    • These are the "core" modules or display objects which may be copied and placed into any of the directories above to be safely modified. 

Note: You should not edit the "core" modules directly. If you do, you run the risk of losing your edits or changes whenever you update Mura to the latest version.

Learn More

Developers may customize existing modules, or even create custom modules, unique to your organization's needs such as a stock ticker, and even create full-blown applications to be embedded within a single page or an entire section of your site. You will learn more about creating custom modules in the Mura Modules & Display Objects section.