Internationalization & Localization - Mura Docs v7.1

Internationalization & Localization

Mura utilizes resource bundles to internationalize various areas of the user interface, making the code locale-independent.

Resource bundles are .properties files, located under specified directories in Mura. These .properties files, or resource bundles, are named to indicate the language code, and country code. For example, the language code for English (en) and the country code for United States (US) would be represented as If Mura cannot find a direct language and region match, it will search for a language match. If a locale's language cannot be found, Mura will fall back to its default of English, or

The file itself is comprised of key-value pairs. The keys remain the same throughout each of the .properties files, and the value is translated into the file's designated language. If Mura is searching for a specific key-value pair within a translation, and cannot locate it, Mura will fall back to the English translation.

The image below illustrates the file side-by-side with the file:

Lookup Hierarchy

Mura automatically searches for resource bundles under specific directories, and uses the key-value pair(s) found in the order outlined below. If a resource_bundles directory does not exist in the following locations, you may safely create one, and place your resource bundle files there.

  • Module
    • ../{module}/resource_bundles/
    • Module (aka "Display Object") resource bundles are used for the specific module itself.
  • Content Types
    • ../content_types/{type}_{subtype}/resource_bundles/
    • Content Types resource bundles are used for the specified content type.
  • Theme
    • ../{ThemeName}/resource_bundles/
    • Theme resource bundles are only used when the specified theme is actively assigned to a site.
  • Site
    • {context}/sites/{SiteID}/resource_bundles/
    • Site resource bundles are shared across all themes within the specified site.
  • Global
    • {context}/resource_bundles/
    • Global resource bundles are shared across all sites under a single Mura instance.
  • Core
    • {context}/core/modules/v1/core_assets/resource_bundles/
    • If the requested key-value pair is not defined in any of the locations above, Mura will use the "core" resource bundles located here for Mura's modules.

Note: Admin-area resource bundles are located under {context}/core/mura/resourceBundle/resources/. However, as of v7.1, many key-value pairs are not able to be overwritten using the technique described above at this time. Allowing for this option is under consideration for a future version.


If you would like to contribute to the translations project, please visit Your help will be greatly appreciated!