Mura Modules & Display Objects - Mura Docs v7.1

Mura Modules & Display Objects

Mura's baked-in modules are managed via the front-end user interface. Modules are sometimes referred to as "display objects" because often times, that's how the module itself is used. However, a Mura module does not have to contain a "display" of any kind. Modules can be complete applications, or simply contain some custom logic that is triggered based on a desired event.

Note: If you aren't familiar with Mura's default modules (display objects), you should review the Inline Edit Display Objects section of the Content Manager's guide, before continuing in this section.

Mura includes a variety of baked-in modules (display objects) by default while offering content managers the ability to quickly and easily add modules such as Collections, Components, Containers, Forms, Navigation, and many more.

Each of Mura's modules contain some server-side logic, basic markup, styling, and sometimes include JavaScript. In this section, you'll learn how to safely modify this logic, markup, styling, and/or JavaScript, and do so without worrying about your changes getting overwritten whenever Mura's files are updated. In addition, you'll learn how to create your own, custom modules too.