Theme Layout Templates - Mura Docs v7.1

Theme Layout Templates

As covered in The "themes" Directory section, themes may be located under one of the following directories:

  • Global Themes
    • {context}/themes/
    • Themes located under the "Global" themes directory will automatically be available as a theme option for all sites under the same Mura instance.
  • Site Themes
    • {context}/sites/{SiteName}/themes/
    • Themes located under a site's "themes" directory are available to the specified site, and/or any other sites sharing the same "Display Object Pool" as defined under Site Settings > Edit Settings > Shared Resources tab.

Mura automatically checks these "themes" directories for any subdirectories. If Mura discovers any subdirectories, it assumes it is a theme, and uses the name of each directory as the "Theme Name". The "Theme Name" will then be listed as an option for authorized administrators to apply as a theme to their site. You may have as many themes as you wish under a "themes" directory.

When Mura is first installed, if a theme does not exist under either of these directories, Mura will attempt to download a theme using the "defaultthemeurl" setting found in the {context}/config/settings.ini.cfm file, and will create a "Global" theme using "default" as the directory name, as well as the "Theme Name". As of version 7.1, the default setting for the "defaultthemeurl" is "".

Do not confuse this with a "Site Bundle". These are simply the layout templates, and related files necessary for the theme itself. In other words, it does not contain any "content." That said, a "Site Bundle" version of the default theme is available at Please visit the Site Bundles section for more information.


The only "required" directory under a theme is the "templates" directory. This is also the directory where you will create and manage your theme-specific layout templates.

Visit the "How Do I Create Layout Templates?" section to learn more.