Custom Error Page - Mura Docs v7.1

Custom Error Page

If your website has any CFML errors, Mura will display information about that error by default. However, in a production environment, you probably don't want visitors to your website, or the general public, to see these errors. In most cases, you probably want to display a special "Site Error" message, and possibly log information about the error.

Mura offers a few settings to control whether or not you want these errors to display. If you don't want the errors to display, you can then supply a path to a specific file for Mura to use instead of its default.

Before proceeding, you may want to purposefully create an error, so you can see what happens by default. For example, if you edit a content item, and use some Mura [m] tags to output an undefined variable, you will generate an error.

In the example above, we're attempting to output variable "x" which is not defined anywhere. So, because it's undefined, and Mura displays errors by default, the following image illustrates the generated error message.