Plugins vs. Modules - Mura Docs v7.1

Plugins vs. Modules

As you've seen in the Mura Modules section, modules are an extremely powerful and useful tool for Mura developers to integrate not only custom displays and applications, they also open a new world of possibilities to injecting custom processing logic and more. Prior to Mura 7.0, this type of advanced functionality was relegated primarily to plugins. However, as you can see, this is no longer the case.

That said, it's become more difficult for Mura developers to determine whether they should develop a plugin, or create a custom module. The answer to that question pretty much comes down to the following question:

  • Do you need a custom administration area?
    • Yes
      • Then you'll want to create a plugin. Each plugin can also be restricted to specific sites, and also includes the ability to restrict which groups have access to the plugin's administrator area.
    • No
      • Then creating a module is perfectly fine.